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Welcome to the Web page of Jeffrey C. Robinson: Stuntman, Choreographer & Coordinator


This page is currently under construction but please have a look. I have been busy in and around the film industry since 2000 with many films and television projects under my belt.
Focusing manly on fight action and custom building gags that fit the feel and flavor of the project at hand.
I have worked with some of the best in the world, bringing some of the most dynamic and creative visual characters to life, with style and grace.
As both a Performer and Choreographer I take pride in helping Actors to be the Characters they are required to become, by teaching and training them I have become better equipped to make the project run smoothly with out compromising their safety and the safety of others. Making the filming process fun and spectacular. Play safe and see you at the movies.

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Current Projects:

- Feature: Night at the Museum 3 - Stunt double for Dan Stevens - Filming until the end of May 2014
- Television: Agent X (Pilot) Stunt double for Jeffrey Hephner - Filming until March 7th 2014
                      Falling Skies season 4 - Stunt double for Noah Wylie - Wrapped February 2014

up dated 03062014

In this episode of hit television Show "Arrow" I appeared as the Dark archer...